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Flat mouth garbage bag
Vest bag
freshness protection package
Warm water bag
PE gloves

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Shandong Huixun International Trade Co., Ltd.(Our factory:Shandong Shangbang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.)Established in April 2018, the company's technical research and development team has focused on the research and development of degradable raw materials and products for decades, and has high attainments in the research and development of agricultural mulch films and industrial degradable plastics. In the early stage, calcium carbonate was mainly used as the filling plastic as the guide, which temporarily solved the white pollution of the plastic, but it could not be cured. Later, we developed microbial factors, added microbial preference factors to high-fillers and petrochemical plastics, and developed biodegradable plastics......
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Why use biodegradable garbage bags


Hazards of non degradable garbage bags


Difference between degradable plastics and non degradable plastics


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